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Otto Jägersberg about MORO NO BRASIL

A film about life beyond the seas, which searches for music made by people and finds music amongst the people. A Finn, speaking Portuguese and English in his own style, travels throughout Brazil looking for musicians, people who play folk-music. And what music it is! It is so beautiful it hurts. Every day on TV we have to put up with hours of so-called folk-music programmes, our ears have long since become deadened to it. And all those folk-music fans, forever sitting around clapping their hands to the rhythm - we tremble before them as if they were terrorists. In Brazil, however, popular music still seems to have something to do with the people and their lives and feelings. The Finn, director Mika Kaurismäki, finds the most bizarre and the most beautiful examples. Whether they are representative or even correct from a musical/ethnological point of view - we don’t know. We like the film anyway. Is it a musical film or a documentary or a film about a strange Finn? We don’t know either. And that is what is special about this film: it refuses to be classified. And thus keeps its secret. But Finns have a special relationship to popular music anyway. They are mad about Tango, for example. In Finland, more Tango is played and danced than in both Spain and Argentina taken together - Finnish Tango.

Mika Kaurismäki has created a film about popular music in Brazil, about Samba and related rhythms. All those who have ears to hear should definitely go and see it!

Otto Jägersberg
about "Moro no Brasil"


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